Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Zen master & the 14 year old

I was watching "Charlie Wilson War" yesterday as you all know I'm a big fan of that big mouth, JR. Amazingly, it's always amazing to see her on the big screen. She shines in the movie. It's not a slow paced movie as I've expected. The dialogues are witty and the repartee between JR & TH is wickedly hilarious! The part where JR grabs TH butt is memorable. Not to mention JR is a total b*tch in this movie. She calls name like slut! That's a small surprise to me as JR is always so down to earth.

Then coming to the end of the movie, the philosophy of the movie unravels. PSH asked TH, Do you know the story of the Zen Master and the fourteen years old? TH appears to know as if he knew. Thus PSH narrates, once there is a boy who got a bicycle for his fourteen years old birthday, then everyone in the neighborhood said “Wow, That’s so nice!!!” and the Zen master said, “Let’s wait and see” 2 years later, he rides the bicycle and met an accident, He is not able to walk again, then everyone in the neighborhood said “That’s too bad!!!” The Zen master replied, “Let’s wait and see” After a few months, the country is recruiting all young men for war and because he is a handicap, he is exempted from the war, and then everyone in the neighborhood said “You’re so lucky!!! The Zen master replied again, “Let’s wait and see”

Thus what does the story tells us? Life is full of ups and downs. Just when you thought the worst thing had happen, it turns out to be a total blessing in disguise. Everything serves a wonderful purpose and the only way to find out is to move on & discover. Face your life fearlessly and embrace the challenges ahead of you. Isn’t that what life is made up of?

As mister B once said;

Like a solid rock that is not shaken by the wind,
So does the wise men are not moved amidst blame & praise

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