Friday, December 26, 2008

2009 Resolutions

A new year, a new beginning. 2008 has been kind and I believe with optimistic mind set, 2009 will be a better year thus here are some of my 2009 New Year resolutions

1) Stop wishing I've loss weight

2) Stop staring at my friends food thinking theirs taste much delicious than mine

3) Stop buying books when I've not finished reading my last book

4) Stop accumulating my wants but be satisfied with my needs

5) Stop anticipating my next bag packing trip

Let me not pray to be sheltered from dangers,

But to be fearless in facing them.

Let me not beg for the stilling of my pain,

But for the heart to conquer it.

Let me not crave in anxious fear to be saved,

But for the patience to win my freedom.

- Ven. K. Sri Dhammananda

Thursday, December 11, 2008

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Life goes on

on and on like how Celine Dion sings my heart will go on. 2008 is a year of unpredictability, a year where economy goes into depression whereby my insurance company, AIA is doubted. However, among the calamity and heartbreak, here is my top 10 favorite moments;

01: The start of my one and a half month back-packing trip to Thailand and Laos. The moment I step out of Chiang Mai Airport, I know something in my heart has change…

02: Meeting numerous remarkable friends along the way in 2008, The PRESTAT babes and the multi-racial backpackers I’ve met in Thailand.

03: My chums picking me up from the airport, sharing my joy of finishing my long envious backpacking trip.

04: Screaming hysterically in Lee hom’s concert. His talent is extraordinaire! What’s is even endearing is that the concert ticket is a birthday gift from my chum, Mary

05: Volunteering in the Asian Civilization museum as a Buddhist guide.

06: Laughing my head off watching the House Bunny in the theatre with my chums.

07: The birth of my godson. Believe it or not, I was in the hospital when he was born. 18 of March!

08: Meeting Phra Panya, inviting me to be a temple boy in Ubon Ratchathani.

09: Turning into a vegetarian on 14 of August. I never thought it would be so easy and gratifying.

10: I’m leaving this empty as 2008 has yet to end. ;)

Regardless you like it or not, 2008 insists on finishing its last day of the year, if not the last minute…thus live your life happily, it’s your choice!

Feeling so Good...

when I opened up my eyes today
feel the sun shining on my face
it became so clear to me that everything around me is showing my way
I feel like there's no limit to what I can see or do
got rid of fears that were holding me
my endless possibilities
has the whole world opened up for me
that's why I'm good
I never thought I would

jogging around my neighborhood
been taking care of myself like I should
I am who I want to be and
knowing of what I should do
cause nothing can bring me down
no one thing in this world can turn me down...

now that day is turning into night
and mum's home cooked dinner is my favorite time
there's nothing in this world
can break this spirit of mine
Rain comes heavily at night
but I still know the stars above are gonna shine
anything I hope will come true this time

Cause I'm feeling so good
I never thought I would

Yesterday is a memory
Tomorrow is the unknown
Now is the knowing

And I should be lucky to know that...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Thai Song of the month - November

Nologo - Glua (Taken from 4bia soundtrack)

This is what happpen...

when the right way of advertising is done properly...

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


This is not a code to unlock any profitable Swiss bank account or the pin number for my atm card although it used to be. It’s basically a date. My date of birth aka my first cry.

Since young maybe because of our financial situation, my family doesn’t have the custom to celebrate birthday. However, my mom will always prepare this hot traditional soupy delectable vermicelli with 2 hard boiled eggs that can beat any highly embellished creamy birthday cake and I’m not saying this as self-pity. Till this day, the soupy vermicelli still remains as my favorite dish.

Not until when I reached secondary school, when your sweetest friend tends to throw you a surprise school canteen party (that doesn’t seem surprise at all, it’s your birthday!!) so that in return you can throw them the same birthday party too. Your chums will "Sabo" you by smearing some buttery cream on the face, using egg and flour for bomb attack and if you're a man, you might get some beaten up to indicate that you've grown and becoming a man. Not to mention, those lovely mugs, photo albums and greeting cards that you received are something that I cherish till this day. Those friendship that was forged with my chums during the secondary days is something I held close to my heart.

As I grow bigger much bigger as you can tell from my photos; my attitude towards my birthday becomes a phobia. I have developed POMB, Phobia on my Birthday.

As all sentient beings, we tend to be calculative, regardless it’s the price of the gift that doesn’t equate to the value of your returns, the person who bought the gift isn’t as appreciative, understanding or up to your expectation, good friend that don’t turn up or arrive late on your birthday or perhaps receiving gift that doesn’t fit you, in terms of shapes & sizes. Whatever it is, all these “little” trivial incidents create a fear in me since 2002. That’s also the year I stop having birthday to commemorate that my birth has absolutely no sense in making me miserable. Although one good thing does turn out for my mum is that she has strike 4D a few times based on my birth date and IC numbers.

I used to tell myself if Birthday isn’t the day to expect something in return then what’s the use of having a birthday? I guess I was wrong. Never do anything for something in return. Thus with no birthday comes no expectation and anything that comes on that day maybe perhaps or possibly might seem as “surprise”. Occasionally, I do have birthday cake for the past few years as my chums will out talk me saying well, we aren't celebrating your birthday since we don't do it on the actual day. Nonetheless, I do appreciate their effort by throwing me surprises.

As my birthday is drawing near, I can’t help but to wonder if I still have POMB or the unhappy and unwanted memories will keep on haunting me until I’ve really learn not to expect anything from my birthday…

Friday, October 3, 2008

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The series of montage done by Helmo (French) is seriously haunting!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don’t be a "Vegetable"

While I was on my way down from the escalator to the basement, I overheard a lady saying in a haughty and vile tone that “I will rather be dead than becoming a vegetarian”. In a world, where a piece of sweet corn can fill up a child stomach for the entire day, that remark seems to be thoughtless, insensitive and narrow-minded.

We brought up in a world to believe that killing animal like Chicken or Pig for consumption is an appropriate and correct way for our survival that we fail to realize instead of protecting certain animals like shark, dog or monkey from illegal trade for consumption or cruelty, we choose to slaughter billions of billions of animal for our own consumption. What makes us, the human have the right to take another life, when a pig hanging upside down who cried before they know they are going to be slaughtered, and the chicken that struggles and flap its wings and drip the blood all over the place when its throat is slashed. It’s a noble thing to protect the monkey or elephant from harm but why not the animal that we consume. Just because the animal can’t talk doesn’t mean they have no pain.

Let me tell you this girl, I’m a vegetarian and I’m still well, alive, kicking and certainly not dead. Thus before anyone make such a remark, please respect that some people have make a decision to abstain from meat not because they didn’t enjoy the taste of it but because every time when they open up their mouth and swallow that piece of meat, they know that another life has been taken. If you hear hard enough, you might be able to hear the cries and screams from the dead animals…

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Blue Colour Life

Not everything blue is sad, and not everything that is blue is sad. Hardly every sad person considers himself gay, and vice versa. Moreover, not everything pink is gay and not everything sad causes sadness. Not everything permanent is truly permanent and everyone isn't really so different from everyone else.

Monday, September 1, 2008

G.O.D - Good Outfit Day

In the past, on a good day, I wake up, get dressed and run my errands. On most days, I wake up, get dressed, get dressed again, fiddle with my outfit, and then drag myself out of the door. I’m usually wondering if people notice my belt doesn’t match my shoe or my bag doesn't suit my belt. I know I sound like a total loser that I've nothing better to do than to coordinate my dressing. But you know what? When I really put on an appropriate outfit, I leave the house with a bounce in my step. I approach the day with confidence. When I walk out the door with a black T-shirt and a pair of jean, that’s when I know I’ll be limping my day throughout. I’ve a B.O.D, Bad Outfit Day. That equates to a pimple newly ripe on your forehead. I admit the notion that my clothes will ruin the day is kind of ludicrous. Nonetheless, that is in the past.

Nowadays, I’ve changed my perception. The clothes don’t make you look bad. It’s your self depreciating attitude that is making you inferior, insecure and most importantly undesirable. I care too much of what others think about me that I’ve lost myself. Travelling teaches me to open and liberate myself. So here is a few ways to reduce your time in fiddling your clothes before you leave the house.

1) Put on your favorite perfume. When you smell good, you feel good then you’ll look good.

2) If you really don’t know what to wear, wear all black and pretend you’re the men in black

3) Remember that everyone is too occupied of what they are wearing that they can’t be bother your dressing so why bother?

4) Lastly, brace yourself and repeat this “whatever I wear will be FASHION” thus, there will be no right or wrong way on how to dress...

In conclusion, love yourself and don't try to be somebody else...

Sunday, August 31, 2008

My Journey

One thing I really miss during my bag-packing trip is the journey taken from one city to another; regardless it is travelled by Bus, Train or Ferry. The journey itself provides you the luxury of time to reflect, inspire by a good book and reminiscing the past. Your thoughts wander around vicariously like the Pluto in the universe while you are still in your seat moving forward to your next destination. Once in a while, when your karma reaps, you might be able to get to know a fellow back-packer exchanging wonderful conversations about life and experiences or when the sound of a familiar accent, "No lah, is it?" starts to annoy you and what the hell!!

While our thoughts are constantly floating somewhere, I can't help but to wonder (There you go, my thoughts start to wander again) where do all these thoughts go? Is there a place when the thoughts gather together bitching at us of how we are not letting go of our past even though there is nothing we can change, how we get too excited or fearful about the future that we already imagine what is going to happen.

If that's our thoughts, what purpose do they serve? Although we can't restrain our thoughts but we sure can utilize our time in a better way that benefits us. Thus, I choose to go with the flow. Be at the present. Participate in my journey by looking out the windows and indulge in the scenery...

Friday, August 29, 2008

Thai Song of the Month - September

Tattoo Colour - จำทำไม

Look at how the shot is done in one take!

Thursday, August 28, 2008


Love the illustrations by GARY FERNÁNDEZ! It's futuristic yet stylish!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Never ending journey

The Bhagavad Gita – that ancient Indian yogic text – once says that it’s better to live your own destiny imperfectly than to live an imitation of somebody else’s life with perfection. Living in Singapore, where expectation is as high as the high rise buildings in Boat Quay, one can tell you that being a freelancer is hopeless; No stability, No prospects & No CPF contributions. However, I choose to live my destiny imperfectly contrary to what the society deems fit. I choose to travel and discover my life than to pursue the materialistic gains endlessly.

After coming back from my back-packing trip in Thailand & Laos, I’ve affirmed that travelling is a priceless experience. Regardless, how much you pay for the air ticket, guest house or Phad Thai, the journey itself is something money can’t buy. (This’s where MasterCard flashes their logo :)

Travelling is not merely an experience, it changes you. It broadens your horizons and not just provides you with a topic of conversation, but it opens up your mind to question more about your life. The cultural differences provide you another perspective to discover who you really are. First, I’ve become a vegetarian, not specifically for religious purpose but for the rights of animal. Just because the animals can’t talk doesn’t mean they have no pain. Second, the devotion to enquire and question more about Buddhism, Third, the passion to start learning mediation.

Just when I’m about to feel that the journey is ending, the ending unfolds itself as a beginning to explore further. However different the culture is, happiness, love & compassion transcend through all ages and languages. If I say life is like a never ending journey, then my life now is only the beginning…

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Relax, Hold Back & Break Free....

AK896, the flight no. I’m taking to Thailand for my first bag packing destination, Chiang Mai. Not to forget the number RM125, the price I pay for my air ticket (inclusive taxes, fuel surcharges & travel insurance : )

This bag packing trip will ultimately last for a month or two the most as no return air ticket has been purchased. However, the thing about bag packing is that you can always expect the unexpected. Not to mention the rewarding experience you get from exploring the different cultures and the people you met along the journey. The mystery of getting to know one person from a different background and having an interesting repartee, it’s amazing!

As mister B once said, "Thousands of candles can be lighted from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared." Sometimes, an unnoticeable thing, person or an experience can inspire you to think about your life, dreams or even make you a better person. Thus, I’m bringing my joy and an open mind to see what I can unravel during this trip.

Even though I've got a lot to do, packing my bag, back up my design work & planning my routes but nonetheless like the Thai will say “jai yen yen”, Relax, take it easy. The best way to travel in Thailand is to follow the Thai way. What more can I say or do? ;) Thus I shall Relax, Hold Back & Break Free....

For more updates on my magical Thai travelogue, do log on to another blog site I’ve dedicated for this coming bag packing trip at

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Few weeks ago, I bumped into my ex-colleague whom is “stick” thin making a comment about my weight. The unanticipated sharp words, "Hey, you've been gaining weight" took me by surprise. After a few months not seeing each other and that's the first thing you can say about me. How about “how are you” to begin with? Then a strangest thing happen, never in my life have I been so comfortable to reply that I'm truly happy with how I look and my weight right now.

First of all, fat is not a sin. Gluttony is. In my life, I’ve always been struggling with 2 major issues. Fat & Love. When I was 13, I’m an abusive eater. I ate so much that my greatest gain is carrying over 110kg of fats in my 43 inches school pant. Not to mention, of course the school pant have to be especially tailor made according to my new found achievement. Once again, I’m humiliated with the fact that I’m fat.

After about 8 yrs of losing 35kg to the recent weight of 75kg (Beware: there might be a chance of gaining all those fats back) I realize perhaps the reason I’m still single is because I’m nevertheless fat. Am I too fat not to be loved? I remember watching the channel 8 drama series, it used to say that there is always someone out there meant for you but how come after years of losing weight, “wearing the right underwear” & reading all the self-help magazines about what’s love fails to get me attached. My friend even recommends drinking peach blossom green tea on the first day of Chinese New Year to increase my romances!! There are fat people who got attached. So why not me? I’m not even that portly.

Then I understand just like a piece of artwork. Everyone have his own ideal of perfect partner. It’s subjected to your preferences. Therefore, I don’t want to try hard to become that perfect eligible bachelor that the society or the magazine that you read deems so. The well-built 6-pacs torso with brown delicious tan living around the central business district! I’m not going to be the society victims. I don’t want to feel sorry for myself. We are all equal in the search for our own happiness, regardless of sizes and I mean the other kind of size as well. I just want to be myself and become the delicious apple of someone’s eyes. We would both share the sinful potato chips on a Saturday night naked on the sofa without been ashamed of my wobbly tummy declaring war against me. Till then, I’m not afraid of telling everyone that I’m single and fatulous!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Repeat Entry: Solitude is not loneliness!

Recently, a chum of mine, KC whom is ridiculously accuse by her cousin that it's fake to being single and indulge her solitude. Only a desperate and dependent needy girl will say such thing because she has never enlightened by the power of singlehood. For me, the difference between solitude and loneliness is that solitude is something you WANT and feel comfortable with, a peaceful, relaxing and inspirational space, and loneliness is an UNWANTED experience of being on your own.

I believe one of the greatest fears we have is the fear of loneliness, especially the loneliness that we feel when we are without a lover.

This fear traps many of us into unfulfilling or destructive relationships, or leads us into pursuing the wrong person just to AVOID being on our own. When The Hermit appears in your life, it may represent the loneliness you feel at the time. And remember, it is possible to feel more isolated and lonely in an unhappy relationship than when you are actually on your own!

Why do you feel lonely? What can you do to help turn unwanted loneliness into welcome solitude?

Do you believe you can transform your loneliness into solitude? I believe you can. Focus on contemplating positive opportunities and outcomes. Spend your time reflecting on past joys and accomplishments. Consider what you can do with your life to create more satisfaction and fulfillment.

Take your time and chill out, don’t make any hasty or impetuous decisions, THINK about the issues in your life carefully and from a more open-minded perspective and with a more positive attitude’

You should be patient, as it may take a little more time before the period of unwanted loneliness you are suffering will pass. Of course, it can also mean don’t let the fear of loneliness hold you back from making an important decision!

Don't rush any decisions, take time out to think about and contemplate your options carefully, and if you feel lonely consider how you can change the way you view your ‘loneliness’ to create a sense of solitude instead...

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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Can luxury save the world?

Luxury is a word that takes on different meaning according to your ever changing lifestyle. For instance, if you work non-stop for five days from 8 to “8” or sometime even longer like my chum KC, your definition of a treat is probably 2 hours full body massage, a good book to read or a nice dinner with your family. For busy mothers like my another chum, Mary, with a daily schedules that juggles home, work & family, her most precious hours must surely be that overused yet underachieved “me time”. When your life is full of late night parties and sexual escapades which I don’t happen to have a friend which encompasses that intriguing habit, you might long for a night in with a few close friends and a pizza together watching Sex and the City.

How about a single guy whom have been busy freelancing and volunteering for the past 2 months?

Well, a bag packing trip to Thailand & Laos shall do the trick. Not to exclude the research and the itinerary I’ve planned for the countries almost 3 months. That amount of time rationalizing the maps and transport system is opulence to me.

However, in these more eco-friendly times where channel 5 is showing horrifying images of a plastic toy boy bleeds from the sawing to encourage us to save the earth (Gaia), defining luxury has converted into a new found meaning. Suddenly, excessive consumption and impulsive shopping especially during GSS is unbearably passé. Stocking up the fridge with supermarket-bought air freighted goods at cheaper prices looks less like great value rather more like a cost for harming the planet. Similarly, covetable fashion merchandise in your wardrobe appears tawdry when you realize it’s been sewed by an exploited labor made in India.

True luxury, we’ve come to unravel must represent something that makes you feel good while not detrimental to those around you and the world. It’s a decision you make that will last not just for your own but the future generations. Thus, in my coming bag packing trip, rather than enjoying a 5* hotel treatment and sleeping on a 500 thread count Egyptian bed sheet cover. I’ll save the world a little by little by checking in to the guest house and perhaps, maybe & probably a cold shower...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The story of my pencil...

A grandmother once told a little boy the story of a pencil while he is doing his homework. She said: There are five qualities you've to learn from a pencil.

First: You write your own story in life. You're capable in great things and is responsible for your own actions. For every good and bad deed, it's all written by your own hand. You've a choice in every choice you made. There is no such thing as no choice. Everyone has a choice. Nobody can write your story except for yourself thus use the pencil and write it well.

Second: Every once in a while, you've to stop writing and use a sharpener. Sometimes, life is a little harder to go by but you've to keep on writing. The sharper you are, the wiser you'll be.

Third: When you make an error in your writing, the pencil allows you to rub it off with an eraser. It's not a terrible thing so don't keep reprimanding yourself once you make a mistake. Correcting something that you've done and learn from it, rub out your mistakes and move on.

Fourth: What really matters in a pencil is not its wooden exterior; it's the graphite inside that is more important. Don't ignore the childhood dreams that your heart once have. Don't forget to cultivate yourself and reflect what your purpose in life is.

Fifth: The pencil always leaves a mark, not just in the paper but for anyone who read your story. Be mindful and try to be conscious in everything you say or do.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Funky Camera

As if Lomo camera is not enough, Corbis created a website with camera design template that can be downloaded as pdf, together with full instructions on how to turn a piece of paper into the workable pinhole cameras. Now, who say D.I.Y is boring?

Friday, April 4, 2008

Graphic Cushion Cover

You might be surprised! My indulgence since 1998 sometimes is not shopping for clothes or shoes but cushion cover and bed sheet cover.

The thing about a well-designed print on a cover is that it brings life into your room and personal style. Thus, don underestimate the covers as there are equally important as in your inner beauty, undergarment!!

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