Thursday, January 31, 2008

Peter Lindbergh

I remember a few years back, Julia Roberts was on the cover of Harper's Bazaar and inside there is a series of elegant and classic photos of JR taken by Peter Lindbergh. He is incredible with Black and White photography, high contrast fill with strong emotions. From then on, I fall in love with his work.

I'm elated to introduce his recent work for Hugo Boss Spring/Summer Ad Campaign 2008. Be sure to see his work in any Fashion magazine!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Frozen in time

Last Sat, I came across an exhibition at the Esplanade Tunnel. It features a Canadian artist/photographer I greatly admire, Nathalie Daoust. In her works, there is a sense of despondency yet a pitch of hope at the same time. Nostalgic might have been the best way to describe it. I love to be mesmerized by ingenious work. Hopefully, in future I'm able to share some of my favorite artist and thoughts in my blog. Be captivated!

Good Bye?

There is a song, Sorry seems to be the hardest thing, and I disagree as Goodbye seems to be the hardest, at least to me.

After my 18 days of re-service, I soon discovered a problem; one more problem added to my extensive life deficiency list. I’ve a problem with saying Goodbye. Not that I can’t bear to leave that filthy and inhospitable environment, it’s just that when I’m used to certain people or place. It’s like an old habit that can’t purge. I got used to it.

During my short stay in camp, all the activities are programmed, Breakfast, Shooting, Lunch, IED, Physical training and Dinner, on and on like a routine. It seems like undergo any kind of training is to stick with the timetable. There is not much to think about, nothing to plan anyway. In a way, it feels like bliss as everything is planned for you. After completing my re-service, there is a sense of loss; there is no timetable to follow, just me, myself and I. I can’t help but wonder why is goodbye good when I feel so indisposed? Maybe it’s time to outline my own timetable instead of following others.

There are relationships that lead you to the unexpected, those that bring you sorrow, those that show you love but the most challenging and gratifying relationship is the one that you have with yourself...

Saturday, January 12, 2008

what the F***?

PFM – Please F*** Me, a term I’ve learned during my re-service in the Police Force. It means if you don’t want to make any silly mistake and get reprimanded by your superior than you better don’t give them a chance to F*** you. Perhaps some gay might love the term, which I don’t understand why the disciplinary forces adore using that profane word at anytime and any moment.

The rapid use of F*** during my stay in the camp for the past 5 days is more than what I’ve heard and said last year. As words are only word, thus, profanity to me is an exaggerated expression of your emotion. It could also be a way to release your anger or stress.

However, instead of worrying about swearing too much, I feel that the context and the usage of the word is something we have to be careful because if you say F*** with a smiley face to a person in Tibet, he might think you’re looking for a toilet…

Nonetheless, I do believe in elucidating my resentment by diplomatic and effective communication. I seriously can’t stand people swearing with one another thinking that by intimidating the other person with the four letter word will win the argument. We are all adults with decent understanding to comprehend what’s correct and incorrect, thus why not be a gentleman and speak like a civilized person. There are 2 more weeks to go for my re-service, not too sure if my mouth can stay away from the bad language. At the very least, I know if I swear, my intention is to show my annoyance of being confined in the camp for the next 2 weeks. FUCK! There you go, I said it. Thought might corrupts language but language doesn’t necessary will corrupt thought...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Reuse, Reduce and Recycle

Al Gore propagates it profusely, the governments in the whole world make it a trend, citizens like you and me learn how to separate plastic bottles and paper into different bins. What am I talking about? It’s recycling! Recycling and going Green has been the most talk about topic in 2007. It’s everywhere but where do we start?

I believe it should start within you, not by throwing the rubbish into the right bin but psychologically. If recycling means to alter or adapt to a new use or function, without doubt, one can certainly recycle their despondency into new hope.

As mister B once said the universal truth in this world,
The nature of this world is suffering,
Craving which leads to renewed existence of this nature is the origin of suffering
The giving up and relinquishing of craving is the cessation of suffering
And the ways to lead to the cessation of suffering are the eight right steps;

right view, right intention, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness, right concentration

2007 had been a fruitful year for me personally; I’ve traveled and explored more countries I’ve ever done. My greatest gratification comes within myself spiritually.

Thus in the beginning of the year 2008, I wish all of you can

Reuse your experiences, Reduce your troubles and perhaps Recycle our negative energy into a positive outcome. Happy New Year 2008!