Monday, November 14, 2011

Birthday state of mind

As you get older, you tend to look back upon your life and recall what could be my proudest or happiest moment? I couldn’t care much of what I’ve achieved so not particularly proud of anything I’ve done however I can recall some of my happiest moment. The joy you experience commonly is either with your love ones or getting that short instant material gratifications but all these are determine by the external factors and I’m pretty sure the happiest moment I’m looking for is the inner peace I’ve experienced within.

So when is that particular moment I keep longing? It’s actually not that long ago, it’s a trip I made to Pai after knowing I can’t continue staying in Myanmar till to the political inhabitation so I made a detour, and amend my trip to northern Thailand.

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The days I’ve spent in Pai, passed with sweet idleness – indulging in cycling around the town; practising yoga; chilling in the Jazz cafĂ© near my guesthouse and chatting up with friends I’ve just met. But the sweetest hours of all were those I spent alone, on a bicycle, pedalling out of the town to the Japanese bridge.

Of my time cycling my bicycle, I put on my mp3 player with music soothing my soul, I still remember the song, Dog days are over perform by Florence and the machine, turning my eyes directly to the open road, somehow I feel myself floating and drifting to another dimension. In those 2 hours, I lost myself in the beautiful countryside, plunged in a host of delightful reveries.

I couldn’t recall what it is in details that make me so happy. I know the sun was setting, trees stretching out on the side of the roads and majestic mountains as the backdrop, I think it’s the care free feelings and undisturbed thoughts or perhaps in large part, the “timelessness” of the experience. A place where my mind did not venture to the past or anticipate the future, where present runs on indeterminately as we all have known everything is in constant flux, nothing remains the same.
Subsequently, pangs of nostalgia propel me to revisit the same town on my birthday. Sadly, till to the severe flood situation in Thailand, it’s not possible to be there in time.

I do know even if I’m back in the same old place I might be not be able to recapture that sublime state of mind I once reminiscence but I do know as long as my heart is calm and untroubled, with conducive surroundings, stay focus in the present. I inadvertently may be able to revisit that state of mind once again.

Happy Birthday to the state of mind that I long for…