Saturday, April 28, 2007

A little goes a long way…

There is a certain kind of passion that I’m passionate about. It’s not the kind that inspires people to live gratifyingly nor can the kind that develops from your job thus you brag about when you become successful.

It’s COMPASSION. The type of passion where Dalai Lama enthuse in his life and hoping that one fine day all of us can survive with each other happily.

Now, let’s see what causes us to think about compassion; when you loss your wallet including your I/C if not the hefty fine of $300 is going to cause you a few sleepless night, then you think about compassion, hoping that the person is kind enough to return your wallet. How about tripping on the road, hoping that someone will lift you up from the fall instead of giggling and pick up the bits and pieces you’ve dropped. Wait, how about a moment ago during your MRT or bus ride, where you’re carrying tremendous amount of things on your hand, yet no one notices it and keep pushing you to think about compassion, wishing that someone to be considerate as much as necessary to give up his/her seat or maybe leaves a tiny amount of space for you to move.

That’s what perhaps that causes us to think about compassion, when we are suffering. However, compassion doesn’t work that way. Like love, Compassion is selfless, expecting nothing in return. Not to sound like an altruist, I’ve my moments regretting not to give up a seat to an elderly but each and every one of us matters, not just entirely you. Living in this extremely small country, where the price or the level of HDB flat continues to rise. We have to ask ourselves does helping one another makes us live better.

It’s needless to say that it’s a virtue and it does make us live our life more meaningfully. If not, who is going to return the wallet that you’ve misplaced? Not that you’re asking anything in return but isn’t that make your life so much at ease when you realize that there are still a lot of kind souls around. Every little kind act counts and I mean not just the extra coins that you have in your pocket when someone comes up to you with the tin full of stickers.

The world can be a positive and encouraging place to live; there will be no war or detrimental activities. Remember, you can do so much to make an impact on somebody’s life. Love will save the day but compassion can save your life.

What is it that causes us not to think about compassion? Nothing.

“There is no better virtue than a heart of grand compassion;
There is no higher religious than the development of moral wisdom.
Drop by drop is the water pot filled,
A little at a time, wise people can make themselves good.”

- Mister B

Monday, April 23, 2007

Tragedy, anyone?

We hear from the news, we saw the splashy headlines on the paper, but we fail to realize that tragedy could happen to anyone.

It seems like the world is not peaceful enough, the university from Virginia has to shock us with the massacre. Never once we've try to put ourselves into such crisis, imagination makes us believe it's surreal (unreal). It's because we take our safety for granted. We work and sleep everyday thinking that bad things don't happen easily especially not too us. Why must we feel nonchalant to our environment only when bad things start to happen? Why must we wait for tragedy to happen before we regret our own actions?

Seriously, with all the cold blooded and gruesome murder using legally purchased weapons in USA, cautions might be better than prevention. As we can't prevent USA from selling lethal weapons, being vigilant and caution might be the best way to prevent any tragedy. There is no way we can turn back time. Be aware and don't be oblivious to your life and surroundings. Observe and act upon what your intuition is telling you. making a fool of yourself is better than cold blooded massacre.

Best of all, don’t take anything for granted as you don’t know when tragedy will happens. For the friends I've lost, don’t take anyone for granted as you don’t know when you will loss them...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Fairy...Fake Tales?

Do I believe in Fairy Tale?

Recently, It seems like all my chums around me are facing relationship problems. As a single, it should have been the last thing to worry about. However, the reason why I'm still single and the problem my chums are facing in their relationships perhaps are the same.

Since young before we started to learn ABC, the story that our parents read or the cartoons that we watched highly contains the "happily ever after" kind of fairy tales, the kind of story that melts your heart faster than the cheese in your Pizza, perhaps lead us to believe that all the love story including our relationship in our life should comprises all the romantic gestures or ending.

As we grow up, movies like Pretty Woman, My best friend wedding or Notting Hill (No offence, I'm a big fan of Julia) depicts and fills us with the highest hope that someday, someone or "the one" will save us from our pathetic, lonely and despondent nights. My intuition tells me that this kind of hopes and expectations could only exist in the fairy tales or movies. Did you ever think that perhaps we're the white knights in the fairy tales that we have to save ourselves? Do we have to rewrite the fairy tales so as to save the naive, innocent and foolish adults who still believe in it?

How would the story be like?

The prince becomes promiscuous with complaints about Cinderella not able to keep up with his sexual preference or worse Prince find it boring to be with someone so enthralling that he rather have an affair with the less than pretty chamber maid.

What are we expecting from our lover? Instead of worrying that your lover is having an affair. I realize that the biggest problem is to remove our expectation from the movies or drama serials that you've watched crying out loud. If you could do it, happily ever after might seems not so hard to achieve...

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Nobody Knows Me - So What!

I've had so many lives
Since I was a child
And I realize
How many times I've died

I'm not that kind of guy
Sometimes I feel shy
I think I can fly
Closer to the sky

I, I sleep much early at night
I feel closer to the light
Now I'm gonna try
To improve my life

No one's telling me how to live my life
But it's a setup until I'm fed up

This world is not so kind
People trap your mind
It's so hard to find
Someone to admire

No one's telling me how to live my life
But it's a setup until I'm fed up

It's no good when I'm misunderstood
But why should I care what the world thinks of me
Won't let a stranger give me a social disease

Nobody, nobody knows me
Nobody knows me
Nobody knows me
Like I know myself

So what!

Nobody, nobody knows me
Nobody knows me
Nobody knows me
Like I know myself

So what!

It's no good when I'm misunderstood
But why should I care what the world thinks of me
Won't let a stranger give me a social disease

I know my life is all been a test
A test that trick us to delude
I'm clear of my life and what I want
I might not pass the test
but I'm sure I've lived my life

Traveling down on this road
People watching the sign as they go
I think I'll follow my heart
it's a very good place to start

And I know the road looks forlorn
but that's just my evil thoughts

I don't want no lies
I don't waste my time
I couldn't take the phony tone
I don't sleep in air-con room
I don't use the shower gel
I don't belong to any group
I don't depend on anyone else

I don't belong to any group
I don't depend on anyone else