Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008


The series of montage done by Helmo (French) is seriously haunting!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Don’t be a "Vegetable"

While I was on my way down from the escalator to the basement, I overheard a lady saying in a haughty and vile tone that “I will rather be dead than becoming a vegetarian”. In a world, where a piece of sweet corn can fill up a child stomach for the entire day, that remark seems to be thoughtless, insensitive and narrow-minded.

We brought up in a world to believe that killing animal like Chicken or Pig for consumption is an appropriate and correct way for our survival that we fail to realize instead of protecting certain animals like shark, dog or monkey from illegal trade for consumption or cruelty, we choose to slaughter billions of billions of animal for our own consumption. What makes us, the human have the right to take another life, when a pig hanging upside down who cried before they know they are going to be slaughtered, and the chicken that struggles and flap its wings and drip the blood all over the place when its throat is slashed. It’s a noble thing to protect the monkey or elephant from harm but why not the animal that we consume. Just because the animal can’t talk doesn’t mean they have no pain.

Let me tell you this girl, I’m a vegetarian and I’m still well, alive, kicking and certainly not dead. Thus before anyone make such a remark, please respect that some people have make a decision to abstain from meat not because they didn’t enjoy the taste of it but because every time when they open up their mouth and swallow that piece of meat, they know that another life has been taken. If you hear hard enough, you might be able to hear the cries and screams from the dead animals…

Friday, September 12, 2008

My Blue Colour Life

Not everything blue is sad, and not everything that is blue is sad. Hardly every sad person considers himself gay, and vice versa. Moreover, not everything pink is gay and not everything sad causes sadness. Not everything permanent is truly permanent and everyone isn't really so different from everyone else.

Monday, September 1, 2008

G.O.D - Good Outfit Day

In the past, on a good day, I wake up, get dressed and run my errands. On most days, I wake up, get dressed, get dressed again, fiddle with my outfit, and then drag myself out of the door. I’m usually wondering if people notice my belt doesn’t match my shoe or my bag doesn't suit my belt. I know I sound like a total loser that I've nothing better to do than to coordinate my dressing. But you know what? When I really put on an appropriate outfit, I leave the house with a bounce in my step. I approach the day with confidence. When I walk out the door with a black T-shirt and a pair of jean, that’s when I know I’ll be limping my day throughout. I’ve a B.O.D, Bad Outfit Day. That equates to a pimple newly ripe on your forehead. I admit the notion that my clothes will ruin the day is kind of ludicrous. Nonetheless, that is in the past.

Nowadays, I’ve changed my perception. The clothes don’t make you look bad. It’s your self depreciating attitude that is making you inferior, insecure and most importantly undesirable. I care too much of what others think about me that I’ve lost myself. Travelling teaches me to open and liberate myself. So here is a few ways to reduce your time in fiddling your clothes before you leave the house.

1) Put on your favorite perfume. When you smell good, you feel good then you’ll look good.

2) If you really don’t know what to wear, wear all black and pretend you’re the men in black

3) Remember that everyone is too occupied of what they are wearing that they can’t be bother your dressing so why bother?

4) Lastly, brace yourself and repeat this “whatever I wear will be FASHION” thus, there will be no right or wrong way on how to dress...

In conclusion, love yourself and don't try to be somebody else...