Saturday, May 16, 2009

Simple life for a start

My last day in Saigon is the sweetest! Well, I mean it literally. I found the tasty and sweet Dau Huay on the narrow lane of Saigon when I was wasting my few hours before my departure from the HCMC International airport, this old lady with big heavy pot hanging on her shoulder begin to lure me into what’s perhaps the most delectable and my favorite dessert in the planet. Sometimes, the best time in life are simple and come in a nominal price. For 3000Dong (30cents Sing), I enjoy the soft and tender texture of Soya melt in my mouth with the brown sugar syrup and guess what, coconut milk too. Oh my Lord Buddha! He is right that we get attached to our senses too easily and created this person call I. Nonetheless, it’s too good to let go that I order one more to satisfy my desire.

I remember when I was travelling in Cambodia; Andrew from Scotland mentioned there are 2 types of people he’ll differentiate. The bottle half full or the bottle half empty. He told me that from the way I form my opinion, I’m the bottle half full guy with strong optimism. Boy! Isn’t he right? Life is too short. You don’t waste it by worrying your life away. Everyone deserves to be happy even the ones that you detest the most. Why not be grateful and appreciate for what you have and maybe you’ll realize the simplest and most achievable happiness is not too far away…from you.