Monday, September 21, 2009

Comtemplation & Comtemplation

Lately, I've been circling around in the contemplation lane. Sometimes, you find your way out, at times, you keep circling round and round. In life, it's all about making decision. The anxiety of making the right decision, whether it may be right or wrong forces you to face life. I believe every decision has its pro and cons. What's important is the decision you make, is it for yourself or others?

I got a very attractive (Not the salary but the job scope & prospect) job offer last week, after freelancing for about 2 1/2 years. I realize committing to a full-time job might be threatening to my freedom. That freedom that allows me to take a nap 3pm in the afternoon after heavy lunch and jogging in the morning breathtakingly at 8am makes me think twice and harder. Then, I think thrice, isn't life suppose to struggle for the better? If we take the easy way out and not discovering the potential we have in store for ourselves. Isn't life meaningless?

Yes, I admit I'm losing a big bit of my freedom but at the same time I’m struggling and pursuing a career that I’m passionate about. FASHION. Money & fame don’t entice me like my heart confess to me.

At least, I know for once, I’m making a decision not for anybody but truly to myself…