Friday, August 17, 2007

The best things in life are free...

In my days, children were brought up watching shows like Sesame Street and playing with My Little Pony. Those were the happy times, times when everything is easier and a little innocent. Even then, we’re fascinated with the Ninja Turtles, Turtles that eats pizza – No harm in that.

Now, as we grow up, things get a little bit more complicated, okay, it’s underrated, it should be very complicated. We’ve to struggle and find our own means for survival, not to mention the L word, LOVE. Not even Care Bear can help you through your unlimited worries and problems.

After coming back from my Thailand trip, I’ve realized things shouldn’t be this complicated at all. I’ve seen someone on the street selling his craft with strong fervor. That kind of gratifying looks he get from his masterpiece put a smile on my face.

In Bangkok, creativity is everywhere from Chatuchak Weekend Market to Designer Boutique in Siam Square, from Fashion, Graphic to Food. Their creativity never fails to mesmerize me. This creativity comes in a simplest form that perhaps is something I enamour, that simplicity that I need to pursue in life for a balance in this hectic lifestyle in Singapore. The kind of joy that comes without a baggage, imagine when you get a new mobile phone that you penchant and 24 months more bills to come. Now I know why they say Thai people are affable as their happiness comes within themselves.

I sound like I'm going to retire soon. Am I getting old or what? I only reach 27 in three months time. Whatever your age is, I’ve figured that sometimes things are not complicated at all. We tend to complicate things a little further. We do not need to spend money to get another pair of shoe or mobile phone to make us happy. For all I know, the best things in this world are free. You just need to let your heart unravel it…

ใคร ๆ ก็ไม่รักเรา

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Dependency, is good only if there is a balance...

I’ve been planning my Bangkok/Phuket trip last year, June and I’m sad to officially announce it has ended on the 14th of August, a blue tuesday. I absolutely agree that all good things come to an end if not faster than I’ve anticipated.

During my absent of these 8 days in Singapore, beside eating and shopping and eating and shopping. I’ve discovered dependency. Not that I’m not independent or lonely that I need company along this Thailand bag packing trip. For all you know, the only thing better than living with my mum is living alone. It’s about the missed calls or email I’ve received during my trip. I can’t imagine some of my friends are so dependent that they’ve to consult my opinions at my self reflection moment. I can’t seem to get away from any phone calls, sms or even emails.

I know all phenomena (and this means us too) come from a complex series of chaotic interdependent causes. Thus nothing really ever disappears. They simply change into other things or other conditions. However, I do feel that there must be some decorousness of having your own mind and opinion and especially when someone is on holiday.

Sometimes I just want to be left alone. I don’t know whether my friend thinks that since I’m forever single and I must be lonely. I can assure you my loneliness comes in the middle of the night when you’re perhaps sleeping and it only lasts for 15 minutes thus I still love to indulge with my own thoughts and yes, I’ve a job and I’ve work to take care.

There is a few times where I’ve changed my mobile number and cut down the so called “friends” I have. I’m not saying that having friends is a burden, what I’m saying is having friends that are less considerate is a hazard. I’m destined to be alone and live alone but at least I’ve a few good friends to depend on. Now, am I dependent?