Sunday, December 9, 2007

Kyle XY

The thing about successful drama serial is that they really suck you up with tremendous amount of energy and devotion like a drug addict. From Felicity, Sex and the City to my recent indulgence, Kyle XY. I had spent the whole weekends watching non-stop from morning till night till the drama ends with a big question mark, leaving me with anxiety and anticipation of how it is going to end?

The first time I came to know Kyle XY is during my KL trip, when browsing the diverse variety of pirated DVD movies, I was caught by my name, Kyle with an additional XY on a cover of a boy with no Belly Button. You see, Kyle is not a common name in Singapore but it is pretty regular in U.S. It’s just that nobody can pronounce my name correctly without getting their tongue tied. They will make up a few weird alien sounds from my name that it’s good enough for a title to any cyberspace movie or foul Hokkien language. At first, it’s till to my narcissism that intrigues me to the drama, but after channel 5 show it on a surprising Sunday afternoon. The life of a boy with fulls of curiosity to this world mesmerize me. Thus I decided to purchase it during my Krabi trip with my NAFA chums. That’s why I am stuck on my weekends catching the season 1 and 2 of Kyle XY without realizing the strong attachment I’ve for the drama serial.

I’ve attached myself with a lot of good old friendship and not to mention the relationship I’ve with my mum but as I grow older, I’ve discovered I’m deeply discourage with meeting new people and bonding new relationship. It’s just that the friendship you’ve bond that once fill you up with joy becomes a betrayal, the kinship or at least the family you’ve lived for the rest of your life becomes your enemy and the person you once love turns out to be a total stranger. I can’t help but wonder if I have become too attached to people? If so, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Have we also lost our attachment to those people whom once hurt or betray us that discourages us to open up and develop new relationship?

I remember mister B once said:

From attachment springs grief,
From attachment springs fear,
For him who is wholly free from attachment,
There is no grief, whence then fear?

Personally, I’m too old and heart broken to overcome another failed friendship. I might be despondent but my heart tells me that I’m happy and content with the relationship I’ve with my friends, colleagues and family for now. I know it’s not sensible but I’ll try to restraint myself from developing new or useless relationship. At least for now, let me attached to my favorite drama, Kyle XY for solace…