Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Zen master & the 14 year old

I was watching "Charlie Wilson War" yesterday as you all know I'm a big fan of that big mouth, JR. Amazingly, it's always amazing to see her on the big screen. She shines in the movie. It's not a slow paced movie as I've expected. The dialogues are witty and the repartee between JR & TH is wickedly hilarious! The part where JR grabs TH butt is memorable. Not to mention JR is a total b*tch in this movie. She calls name like slut! That's a small surprise to me as JR is always so down to earth.

Then coming to the end of the movie, the philosophy of the movie unravels. PSH asked TH, Do you know the story of the Zen Master and the fourteen years old? TH appears to know as if he knew. Thus PSH narrates, once there is a boy who got a bicycle for his fourteen years old birthday, then everyone in the neighborhood said “Wow, That’s so nice!!!” and the Zen master said, “Let’s wait and see” 2 years later, he rides the bicycle and met an accident, He is not able to walk again, then everyone in the neighborhood said “That’s too bad!!!” The Zen master replied, “Let’s wait and see” After a few months, the country is recruiting all young men for war and because he is a handicap, he is exempted from the war, and then everyone in the neighborhood said “You’re so lucky!!! The Zen master replied again, “Let’s wait and see”

Thus what does the story tells us? Life is full of ups and downs. Just when you thought the worst thing had happen, it turns out to be a total blessing in disguise. Everything serves a wonderful purpose and the only way to find out is to move on & discover. Face your life fearlessly and embrace the challenges ahead of you. Isn’t that what life is made up of?

As mister B once said;

Like a solid rock that is not shaken by the wind,
So does the wise men are not moved amidst blame & praise

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't dream you life away...

If you’re reading this blog, that means I didn’t win the 10 million TOTO draw last Thursday, or else I’ll already be in Bangkok drinking my Tom Yum Soup. The thing about winning a massive fortune is that whatever dreams you’ve visualize, in your mind you’ll be able to fulfill it. People fail to realize that they have the power to make their dreams come true. I remember from the book, The Alchemist. If you want something, the world conspires to help you.

When you have a vision or dreams, it’s far far away, like a distant star. There is bound to be struggle. However, don’t let your dreams go, keep focusing, move towards it slowly, gradually. Prepare for the journey and don’t dream your life away.

I do not need 10 million dollars to live my dreams but I definitely don’t mind having 10 million dollars in my bank account…

A perfect timing!

Isn't that incredible? Now, you can really be on time for your appointment...

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Simplicity is beautiful

My first overseas trip this year is to my mother’s hometown, Koris, Batu Pahat. Every Chinese New Year without fail, we’ll always avoid the heavy traffic at the causeway by traveling in the wee hours. This year is no exceptional; maybe because I’ve got my first digital camera last year, I begin to see its beauty of this serene and relaxing surrounding.

I’ve visited the “kampong” since I was a baby. It’s a simple yet mesmerizing town. Every morning, you’ll hear the rooster crow in the dawn, making sure you know the sun has rise. A new day has begun. I would usually spend my day watching dvds, reading a book and mountain trekking (Currently, I’m reading Let’s go Thailand on a budget). At times, gazing at my mum and uncle on how to cook a feast for the family, joking and gossiping around as the time rolls by…That’s the luxury of life, spending time with the people you love, not worrying about anything.

What’s simple is that we don’t realize how gratifying our life can be without the over excess material. I guess keep it simple has a new found meaning.

Simplicity is beautiful if you know how to appreciate…

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Before (Year 1997)

After (Year 2007)

Eat Mindfully, Turn over a new "Leaf"

Loosing weight has always been an infamous resolution in the beginning of the year especially after Chinese New Year. For everyone who knows me before 2001 also know that I don’t weight light. It has always been a constant struggle between food, fat and me. When asked of how I’ve loss so much weight, I would say eat mindfully and maybe resort to the 10 small little tricks below might help.

1. Use appealing cookery, but choose smaller plates to make your portion of food seem larger than usual
2. Always leave a little something behind on your plate, hey! not the vegetables!
3. Make sure half of the food on your plate is salad or vegetables.
4. Stock the ratio of 3 types of healthy snack (e.g. Almond, Raisin) is to 1 type of unhealthy snack. You don’t really want to see your fridge full of chocolates, chocolates and chocolates
5. Never eat in front of your computer or TV, instead substitute with healthy drinks like fruit juice, Horlick, Milo or WATER
6. Practice food trade-offs. You really want some of that delicious ice-cream? Go for a walk (more than 15mins) after lunchtime
7. Eat when you’re hungry, just like when you feel the urge to wee/pee
8. Don’t chat while you eat and don't eat with your mouth full, you don’t just gain weight and die by overeating, you might die of choking
9. Be the last person at the table to start eating and make sure you cater to everyone needs at the table before your start eating E.g. Bring out the remaining food from the kitchen or making the drinks for your guest while they have started eating
10. Share your dessert

The Logo Evolution

As a designer, it's always interesting to see how a brand evolves and of course same goes to the logo. In life, one has to be resilient but for a logo, we take it as revamp. What happen to classic and everlasting design? For once, I've to mention Coca-Cola, my former employer did a fantastic job on the logo and its branding. That's a design that has strong impact throughout the centuries. To know more about the history of Coca-Cola logo, please refer to the website below

Monday, February 18, 2008

On the Nalanda Trail

Nobody likes to visit museum, especially Singaporean, not to mention paying a small fee to enter the museum. However, till to my recent volunteer work with KMSPK, I have a great opportunity to be part of the volunteer program as a museum guide with Asia Civilization Museum (ACM). I'm elated to tell you museum aren't always that boring.

This exhibition aims to showcase the spread of Buddhism from its birthplace in India to China and Southeast Asia. It is told through the amazing journeys of well travelled Chinese monks (Fa Hsien, Xuanzang and Yi Jing).

These great monks braved peril and uncertainty to travel from China through Central Asia via the Silk Road to India, in search of Buddha’s teachings. In the exhibition, this trail is illustrated through Buddhist art from these regions, which the monks pass on their way to Nalanda. This also offers the visitor a glimpse of the variety of styles that Buddhist art took on as it travelled through Asia.

Key highlights of the exhibition are the bone relics of Buddha and a stunning display of Buddhist art, including rare paintings from Dunhuang

On The Nalanda Trail: Buddhism in India, China and Southeast Asia will be on show at the Asian Civilisations Museum from now till 23 March 2008. For a free guided tour, please refer to the poster above. See you there!

Hedi Slimane for Dior Homme's Autumn/Winter 2007-08

Love him or hate him! Hedi Slimane is one of the fashion designer whom redefine man's masculinity and physique. As his name suggested SLIMane, His preposterously slim tailoring makes all men wishes to be stick thin. However, instead of pushing me to serious diet, let us all indulge this coming Dior Homme’s AD campaign without calories.

Sazeli Jalal

You might have known that I graduated from NAFA, Diploma in Visual Communication, 2001. Since then, I never look back as if I was born to smell and live in design. While some of my course mates have left for other industry which pays better and shorter working hours. Sazeli Jalal whom also graduated in NAFA, majored in interior design decided to channel his creativity into another direction, Photography. I especially enamoured people whom are able to excel in different creative aspects. Here are some of his work.

Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm seeing Red!

Be prepared; be very prepared to see red color like you’ve never seen for the past one year this month. Don’t get me wrong. I love Red colors. My Panasonic mobile phone is red. The carpet in my room is red. Some of my favorite designs are done in red as well.

As we all know what red signifies, It symbolizes love, passion, sensuous, oh dear, I nearly forgot about the “bloody” Valentines Day! The over-price red roses, balloons and candlelight dinner, I wonder how many innocent girls are going to be hornswoggled on bed this year!

Sorry, where am I? Oh, as I’m saying Red color, it can be an auspicious or a warning color. However, there are certainly some red color “substances” you definitely don’t want to be associated with. For the girls, it will be the one you see every month on…ahem...your “bread” and the boys, just don’t drink and drive and you’ll know what I mean. Thus in this coming rat year, I would like to wish all my chums a prosperous and safe Chinese new year! Happy Holidays!!!


“bloody” – It means lots of red used in this occasion.
“substances” – Blood
“bread” – Tampon