Sunday, December 29, 2013

2014 – Be the Transformer

~ If there is bad in the good, then there is good in the bad ~

For the past few years, I’ve been encapsulating my yearly accounts into my blog, I reflected what I’ve achieve, who I have become or anticipating the future with new hopes instead of new resolutions. This year, after battling cancer for almost half a year in 2013, I ask myself, have I transformed?

Like the transformer, before or after any battle, a transformation is needed. Regardless any happy or unhappy experiences in life, you have to learn how to transform from it. Transforming means turning our experiences into something that we can use for the better, whether it is dealing with anxiety, guilt or even negativity, it could be turning sorrow into wonderment, heartache into joy for others, guilt into forgiveness, anxiety into letting go and be in the present.

Our heart, our mind, our life-force, is the starters of transformation. We need our heart to be true to ourselves, our mind to execute our actions and our life-force to keep on finding a balance and sustaining it.

Nothing else matters, and just like transformer we have to keep transforming to thrive. We must keep thriving through the good and the bad days. We cannot stop the flow of our experience. We need to take it in. We must transform.

So, have you transformed?

For me, this year, I’ve transformed not just from battling my cancer, I’ve transformed into someone whom can deal with my own anxiety, forgives a betrayal of a good friend for over 10 years, letting go of my calculative mind in terms of dollars and cents.

I’ve also transformed by the love and support from my family and friends, they bring so much warmth and affection in my heart that makes me feel like the luckiest human being in the world. Like the firewood that continues to burn in my heart, with that fire, I have to keep on burning and giving warmth to others too. It’s an energy that has to be paid forward.

If not, what’s the use of transforming?

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P/S: My favorite transformer is Bumble Bee