Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brown Bird Flys

Brown bird crashing happily into the window panes
Nearly drop dead with a pinch of air
As deadly as it is
Brown bird take the broken wings and try to fly
Knowing the pain is only momentarily

Brown bird fly, Brown bird fly
Into the light of the jet black night

Brown bird singing in the dead of night,
From his sunken eyes, he learn to see clearly through his life
There is always light in the jet black night

Brown bird fly, Brown bird fly
Into the light of the jet black night

knowing there is always light in the jet black night

Friday, September 2, 2011

An escape

Every human being whom is really alive is constantly broadcasting his thoughts, feelings and emotions and all these can be transmitted through vibrations, even if one sits in silence.

The very presence of a person is communicative and radiates a certain vibrations to whomever around him. He carries his ambiences wherever and whenever he goes and does. When you sit, observe or talk in his presence, you are likely to absorb every emotive expression he transmitted. Happy or sad, regardless, you either feel the positive energy or feel like energy has been sucked out. At times, you may also feel nothing at all, just deadness, like a log of wood. I call them boring personality.

Therefore, I took myself very seriously; by making sure that anyone whom gets in contact with me will receive my positive vibes and if they have any problems, I’ll advise or offer something for them to consider, at times just listen, attentively. To certain extent, I absorb their negative energy and feel obligated to resolve their worries.

However this time, I need to release my own negative energy. So with my coming trip to India that coincidentally planned one year ago. I escape. (First time, I take traveling as an exit plan. Usually, it’s more of a liberation)

I decided to venture to the Himalayan Snow Mountains for an in depth up close and personal self to self-retreat with maybe a few tranquil sceneries to rejunvenate me, like Goa to cleanse and wipe away my sorrow just like the shore.

So this time, I escape knowing I can recover and return to exudes positive vibes to others...