Sunday, December 30, 2012

New year 2013 – Who do you want to become?

I long suspected that making new year resolution is a scam just like my laptop recently has been plagued by spyware, which means someone hacked into your laptop and sending emails that you didn’t sent which comes to my point of making resolution that are not really what you want to do, but more of making yourself  feel better. Losing 10 pounds through salsa dance, earning 1 million dollars or having sex with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jodie that just makes us dream foolishly.

There is however some practical resolutions that people made that do succeed but that’s just one thing you do for that year isn’t it? I can’t help but wonder does making resolution confine us to achieve our itinerary within a period of time. If so, I disincline to the lack of freedom that my resolution can’t evolve or progress to another direction.

Instead of making New Year Resolution like what I did for the past few years, I change it to who I would like to become. The question is phrased within me, not emulating certain celebrities’ personality or hairstyle and dressing but more on how do I see myself and how can I be a better version of myself? Have we turned out to be someone unrecognizable? Is there some part of you that hates who you have become?

Whatever the regrets or turmoil are, It’s good to cleanse your thoughts in the beginning of the year, think about the passion that drives you and makes you feel alive, whether it’s baking, painting, try making more time for it or adopt a cause that transform your mind to think about others. If you've been suffering this year, alter your regrets to more positive remedy or repayment.

Whatever you do, it all begins with yourself, if you don’t like who you are, honey, no one is going to help you there except to dig deeper what makes you happy and unhappy, throw away the negative energy and convert your life as someone you hope to be.

Thus I start by asking myself, who I have become in 2012.

This year, I've become an author of the book 108 places to see before nirvana (shameless plug here). I've adapted to cold shower thus leading to saving water and money : ) I've become someone who knows a bit more about human trafficking and how our daily decisions can make an impact to the world. I have also become more vegetarian as more people are asking me why! I have learnt to be less appreciative of leather products and appreciate tea more, my collection of tea pots can attest to that.

Since few unknowingly years ago, I've come to terms with myself even though at times, I still mix cupcake with calories together but do I stop myself from eating? Nah, my muffin top didn't stop me. I've accepted my body better than last year; my purchase of sleeves top can prove it. I’m not a… well, I’ll keep this to myself.

Nonetheless, in 2013 I would love to become a better writer and write more than I should. I hope to become less fashion conscious, materialistic and judgmental  I would like to be a better designer creating more creative and ground-breaking design. I would like to be more mindful to my surrounding and people. I would like to be more eco-friendly traveler  Lastly, I hope my mum will be proud of me not because I've delicate my book for her but who I am as a son...

I am not who I was; I am who I choose to become. Happy who you've become new year 2013!

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