Saturday, June 13, 2009

放开放开放开放开放开放 Letting go

I’ve a Muji white translucent name card case. It’s simple and chic, casual yet sophisticated. In additional to that utility is that it only cost $2. I bought 2 of it immediately knowing I’ve the tendency to spoil everything under my destructive belt.

As I’ve been using it for almost 2 years (Surprisingly) and recently, M, my chum since primary 4 whom recently become a well-know celebrity hairstylist is looking for a name card holder. My exquisite taste for my name card case caught his eyes. He loves it very much and since I’ve bought 2, I offer to give the other one to him as a gift. He asked what happen if your name card holder is spoilt. I can’t help but to wonder why do I keep attaching myself to everything even in a simple name card holder?

Impermanence exists in every aspect of life, regardless if you acknowledge it or not. There seems to be a certain time limit for what we possess. It’s like there is an invisible expiry date for the bag that we bought, the mp3 player that got stolen, the failed relationship we once thought will be forever. The struggle with our attachment is self denial. Knowing we can’t pull back time yet holding on to the memory that never comes to life again.

I told M, I’ve learned to let go. I’ll get another name card holder when it comes. It might not be easy to adapt but at least I understand that’s life.

I discovered to be able to let go is to let new inspirations arise and liberate ourselves to a new perception and a new beginning. To let go is to allow us to have the opportunity to experience life. If we keep holding on, we’ll never able to discover what life can offer.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Be happy with yourself!

If you're not happy with yourself, no matter how many surgery you undergo, you'll still never be happy with yourself...