Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Heading for a spritiual journey...

Elizabert Gilbert once wrote in her book, eat pray and love, in order to discover who you really are, you've to travel to the country starting with the letter "I". Thus, she traveled all across to Italy, India and lastly Indonesia.

I've traveled to Indonesia, even though it's hardly a life changing experience, it somehow enlightens my way of seeing life. As for now, in T2, accessing free internet ;) I'm flying to the next "I" country, India. Call it coincidences or contrived calling, I've been searching for some inner peace since I quit my volunteer work. It's hard to recognize that volunteer work would have unforeseen political issue to handle. Somehow, it happens for a reason, I was later offered a job that I need to commit, hence no time for volunteer work as well. I feel unsatisfied.

When I met my friend, CW one day saying she is in need of seeking spiritual guidance and the best way to unravel the truth is to attend talk or teaching from monk or respectable venerable. Who better to learn from the 14th Dalai Lama? It then triggers my thought that perhaps I could do this.

The travel agencies are offering package for a person from S$1750 - S$2050. I then did some research and discover that it only takes S$950 by doing it yourself.

Finally after much calculations, I put my credit card number down the online form and book a direct SQ flight from Singapore to Delhi. Not knowing what can satisfy me spritually, I'm now in Changi Airport T2 typing this entry...

Fpor more on my travel experience, visit www.kylestravelogue.blogspot.com

Monday, October 5, 2009

My kind of happiness

I grew up with my mother's love surrounding me since young, to certain extent the love that she showers manifest into my "curvy" figure. The kind of happiness that I experience or pursue is very different. Once the fairy tale "happily ever after" enchanted me, leading me to believe everyone needs a soul mate. I might not have been into any BB relationship or soul mate experience before, I certainly don't miss out any happiness.

My kind of happiness is traveling around the world, exposing myself to the unknown. Waking up every morning to the breakfast my mum prepares for me. Knowing I've certain amount of money to do some bargain hunting. Meeting up with chums gossiping about someone who knows someone.

However, last Sunday, I experience another kind of happiness...from a wedding. something I thought is a contrived man-made ceremony to declare what love is all about. I've known this couple, JB & MJ since secondary school from my chum, JL. We'll often traveled to JB together for a weekend get away filled with food galore, spa indulgence and of course mouth gossiping exercise.

When I was asked to participate in their wedding, from gown selection, styling to hosting. I've never felt so delighted! The progress might not be easy but it's the hard work put into the friends you've seen, evolving from single to a couple that is gratifying. It's amazing to see the usual wedding dinner that I dread to go turns out to be an exciting event. It is truly a joyous occasion. The thing about marriage is you have to be willing to died and love for each other, faithfully without losing yourself to one another. I might not share the same kind of happiness with them but I truly feel that their kind of happiness will last forever...