Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Year Resolution - How about new hope?

I believe, in fact I’m guilty of taking somewhat a sedate approach to life and as a result don’t quite realise my full potential. Hence, this very beginning of the New Year I’m really committed to my passion and pursuing to the max. I’m going to the extreme.

After all, it’s necessary for us to push ourselves and take the challenging road and the greater the challenge the more gratifying it will be. I hope the penchant I’ve for adventure in my travel for the past few years will extend to other aspects of my life. I’ll finish writing my book, 108 places to see before nirvana, promoting my book, publish my travelogue, setting up a tea house business, and take my freelance design business into greater heights, creating Buddhist lifestyle merchandise and perhaps many more in this very New Year. Unlike before, I don't want to feel so much and do so little!!!!

My plates are full, but my stomach is still hungry. Presently I’m satisfied but also anticipating a lot of opportunities coming my way. Seriously, so much I can do with my humble potential brimming with hope. I want to go as far as I can see and when I get there I can see further...

So, when do I start?


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