Saturday, December 26, 2009

Renew, Replace and Recycle

As the New Year is approaching, I can't help but to wonder where have all my time gone? If calendar is not invented, time is not restricted to only 24 hours? What will the world becomes? Will we still complaining that we always run out of time or making excuses that we have insufficient time for our love ones? Who created time and who dictates our time?

We're all so caught up with time that we actually fail to realize the past and the future depends on the present and if we try to figure out where is the present, there is no way we can measure. Every second that goes by is the past and every new second is the future. Nothing equates to nothing for the past and future. That's why we have been holding on to nothingness, attaching to the past that have no substances, just purely our imagination creating the illusion, memories.

What about future? The future is something we hope for that yet to exist. So, we should focus and consider our every words and actions that create our past and future. There is no reason for us to figure who created time and space but only the present is the best time for us to realize what living in this world truly means. As for now, regardless new year or not, for me, It's time to renew my life with new found perspectives that enrich and improve the world, replace my bad habits with good reforms and recycle for the world in distress that gives us time to fulfill our goals and resolutions...


Simplicity said...

hey, i like tis entry :)

in short, to live is to be happy.. else it defeats the purpose of a live human being ya..

good day!

C said...

your blog is really inspiring. thanks!